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The following video courses are available on USB flash drive or DVD.

Video courses may be prerequisite material for certain live events and classes.  Each class includes a final exam which can be completed and mailed in for knowledge certification!

Edible and Medicinal Plants


This 2 hour and 45 minute studio produced class covers Spencer's favorite plants for foods and medicines.  Weaving together modern science with traditional folklore the slideshow also comes with an mp3 audio file for easy listening.  Learn about making tools, weapons, harvesting and preparing materials, and how to store your plant friends for long term stability.  Original photos also included, labeled and alphabetized.


Fire Basics


In this  1 hour 45 minute live class you will learn about everything from splitting and wood identification, to cooking, home heating, building a no trace fire and smokeless lay construction.  Spencer demonstrates simple carving techniques and of course tells stories that will make you laugh.


Know The Ropes


Featuring TWO live courses from LOTSWild scout camp 2019, this video covers basics on rope handling, history, cordage making, tricks of the ninja, scavenging sources, and more.  Students will learn how to throw a rope, tie basic knots, hang a hammock and construct a tarp shelter. 


Firearms Foundations


Whether or not you choose to own a weapon, mastery for safety and awareness is an excellent investment of time.  This extensive, studio produced, 6 part series covers basics pertaining to history and philosophy, handguns, shotguns, bolt action rifles, sporters and semi-autos, accessories, care and cleaning, and differences in various calibers.  If you're looking to find out what suits you or just making sure the basics are covered this class is FOR YOU!

    $33 / per class or ALL 6 for $144 

Trapping; the big picture


A wealth of knowledge covering many disciplines, Spencer's trapping video The Big Picture is a 1.5 hour class on psychology, theory, principles, scavenged materials, and stories for entertainment and Thrival purposes.  You will learn about how to acquire food, fish from afar, set perimeter alarms, play pranks on friends, and more.  Included are hand drawn pictures of favorite snare setups.  Audio is not high quality so this is one of the most affordable classes available.


Bo Staff; Kukishinden Ryu


These two classes introduce the long staff from a Japanese perspective as a defensive tool.  Kukishinden Ryu is an 800 year lineage that Spencer practices.  This class will teach basic handling and movement, stances or 'kamae', strikes, as well as history.


Knife Safety


Follow along with summer camp students and learn essential carving technique, cutting methods, proper handling and basic use of a knife for long term success in any environment.   $22 

Brother Wolf


Original mountain inspired folk rock featuring Spencer on guitars, singing, and Kaitlyn Durham on fiddle.  Recorded in Fairview, NC.  Listen to a song  HERE

Full Album $15

Reservations Behind


An edgier and at times funny album featuring acoustic and electric guitars, native flute and original songs by Spencer.  Recorded in Swannanoa, NC

Listen to a song HERE

Full Album $15

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