Customers Say . . .


All STD Knives have a money back guarantee, no questions asked

If you're not happy with the look, feel, and performance of a 2 Dogs Knife Spencer will refund your money or replace it for the price of shipping.  But we don't have that problem too often -

"So happy with this knife it's the nicest thing I've given my husband." - Tanya, Charlotte

"I've been using my Skinner you made in the field all Turkey season, it feels good and stays sharp." - Rick, Georgia

"I want to cry it's so beautiful!" -  Nikol, Czech Republic

"I will be going to help with Hurricane recovery in the islands with this kukri, feels like it's up to the task." - Vince, California

"Thank you for making my boys Christmas a special one, it's been a tough year." - Cindy, Massachusetts

"I appreciate a good knife." - John, 101st Airborne

"I want another one, can you make me two more?" - Chris, Arizona

"Worth the wait, quality takes time and that's ok." - Aaron, Virginia

With hundreds of satisfied customers willing to invest in a quality tool Spencer stands behind his products with confidence.  An STD knife - like money in the bank.