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Original Art by Iris Bolejack

This run is a limited selection from her marbling paintings done at the Field Day of the Past festival in Richmond, VA.  These are originals, made using an old time process with starch, dye, bile, and water on LARGE thick paper (23" x 17").  Each piece is suitable for framing alone, for making cards or bookmarks, or lining journals, notebooks.  Click each picture for price.  

Knives & Woodwork

All  pictured available; unfinished pieces to be finished upon order based on design and handle choice.


This poncho cover is state-of-the-art technology and can be used as a stand alone blanket or personal camouflage.  It warms and cools at the same rate as natural vegetation and blocks the thermal signature of a human body, dissipating heat naturally.  This garment will render observation with thermal detection equipment ineffective.  Hand cut out of rare military material being shredded and  made unavailable to civilians.  Click for price.

Healing Salves

Appalachian ninja beard balm, skin salves; made by Melody with hand gathered, dried, infused herbs and cold pressed Organic Sweet Almond oil.  Perfect for dry weather on hands and face.  Stops beard itch and dandruff and also works well anywhere else.  Various scents listed for each picture.  All are 40% off the year long festival and event price.  $12 plus shipping of $3.99  

NOTE: Some are thinner consistency, almost oil, others are more like a salve.  They smell amazing!

Extra Large beautiful sheepskins

Allergy friendly finished sheepskins, suitable for throws, furniture, padding, seat covers, decoration in a cabin or display.  They are wonderful in a cold winter car!  Click pictures for price. (only one left 12/12/18)

My Book

.The Appalachian Ninja, by Spencer Bolejack.  On Amazon for $199.00, here for only $25 plus $3 shipping.  240 pages in all, 50 full color pages, 47 games and drills, original art and line drawings.